The Rolf Benz genesis. Seating quality has defined the brand for decades, and each year new styles are added to the range to continue Rolf Benz’s original vision of creating a comfortable and stylish way to live that evolves yet remains timeless.

  • CARA

    Beauty attracts us. Character never lets us go. Rolf Benz CARA combines both in a matchless way.

  • JOLA

    Light seat depths, lounge-like upholstery, abundant style – Rolf Benz JOLA encourages relaxed communication with its versatile, international flair.

  • KUMO

    Rolf Benz KUMO turns the laws of nature on their head, taking you to new realms of well-being.

  • LIV

    With Rolf Benz LIV, Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created a product world that leaves plenty of space for inspiration.

  • MOYO

    Let yourself sink in and relax: the expansive Rolf Benz MOYO sofa is a tribute to the equally spacious and laid-back sofa landscapes of the 1960s and 70s.


    The Rolf Benz NUVOLA comfort system range combines unlimited freedom with casual effortlessness, transforming them into a feeling you can feel and enjoy.

  • VOLO

    Discover a new perspective on life and enjoy the exquisite feeling of luxurious lightness and superlative comfort with the Rolf Benz VOLO sofa range.