Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

With exquisite designs, coffee tables become captivating centerpieces. Whether crafted from the rich wood of the Black Forest, sleek metals, or artistic glass, these tables combine functionality with aesthetics, elevating your room to a whole new level of sophistication.

  • 8290

    With numerous available colour combinations, the clever Rolf Benz 8290 is a beautiful circular design with hidden storage.

  • 901901


    The definition of sleek, the Rolf Benz 901 coffee table is a stunning combination of stone, glass, and metal.

  • 912912


    A classic reimagined, the Rolf Benz 912 rectangular coffee table is available in multiple matching frame and top colours.

  • 926


    This 926 coffee table from Rolf Benz is definitely a statement piece in any room. Material combinations vary.

  • 940940


    The Rolf Benz 940 emery leather side table serves as the perfect companion to a sofa.

  • 973973


    An eclectic combination of wood and steel, the Rolf Benz 973 is a side table that elevates any space.

  • 985

    A showstopping duo of stone and wood, the Rolf Benz 985 coffee table is a modern beauty.

  • ONNO

    The latest addition to the coffee table collection, the glass Onno is available in two sizes to create a gorgeous pairing.