Imagine dinner parties that last for hours in ultimate comfort. That is what Rolf Benz dining chairs promise. Customized in soft, lush leather or gorgeous woven fabrics, a set of Rolf Benz chairs will prove to be a stunning addition to your dining area.

  • 600

    With Rolf Benz 600, the classic shell chair is reborn with a fresh look and swivel functionality.

  • 640

    The timeless Rolf Benz 640 seat sculpture combines the generous comfort of an armchair with the filigree aesthetics of a chair.

  • 650

    With the elegant and extremely adaptable Rolf Benz 650 range of chairs, form and function go hand in hand.

  • 651

    Stylish, comfortable, and lightweight, the Rolf Benz 651 barstool accomplishes the art of perfect seating.

  • SMO

    The Rolf Benz SMO combines the beauty of a dining chair with the comfort of an armchair.

  • NOA

    Simply wonderfully soft. Sink into the luscious design of Rolf Benz NOA.