Dining Tables

Dining Tables

The place where meals and laughter are shared, the dining table has a special place in every home. Choose from a multitude of stylish combinations of sturdy wood and sleek metal to choose the perfect centrepiece for your dining experience.

  • 8950

    With the Rolf Benz 8950 dining table, culinary enjoyment can be combined with unadulterated pleasure for the eye.

  • 900

    The versatile Rolf Benz 900 dining table range combines elegance with the finest woodcraft.

  • 929

    The organic shape of the Rolf Benz 929 along with the combination of steel and wood makes a real statement in the room.

  • 965

    The Rolf Benz 965 table in an elegant centrepiece for any dining room and is available in either a round or oval version.

  • 988

    Available in a variety of woods, the Rolf Benz 988 is both a showstopping sculpture and a functional table.

  • 990

    The Rolf Benz 990 dining table gives pure elegance a modern look that you can style any way you like.