Types of Dining Table Shapes

The dining table is more than a simple piece of furniture in our home, it is the meeting point for families to gather for meals, guests to entertain, and memories to be made. When it comes to choosing a dining table, one of the most important factors to consider is its shape, which is a crucial influencing factor in the way we experience a space. The different shapes can provide different benefits and suit different types of spaces and lifestyles. Here are a few of the most common dining table shapes that you can consider, to enhance your dining experience and ensure maximum comfort for you and your guests.


There is a reason why rectangular dining tables are a popular choice. Their long, slender design allows them to fit comfortably in almost any space, adapting to the dimensions of the room. The versatility of the shape ensures that you can easily use the table in various settings without encountering any problems. One advantage of the clean, linear edges of rectangular tables is that they can be conveniently pushed against the wall when needed without looking out of place.

Rectangular tables are also well-suited for pairing with benches, creating a trendy look while providing an efficient space-saving solution. When not in use, benches can be tucked under the table, freeing up valuable floor space and allowing for safe and easy movement around the room.



If you’re drawn to the clean lines and geometric aesthetic of a rectangular table, but have limited floor space, a square dining table may be the perfect solution for you. With the ability to seat anywhere from four to eight people, depending on the size, square tables provide an intimate and cosy setting for small gatherings or a high-impact design statement for larger ones. However, keep in mind that larger square tables can create more distance between diners, potentially sacrificing the close proximity and intimate atmosphere of a smaller table.

For those who want the flexibility to entertain larger groups occasionally without sacrificing daily space, a small square table with an extension leaf is an excellent option. This design allows you to switch between square and rectangular shapes as needed, providing added versatility and functionality.


A round dining table exudes a laid-back, homey ambiance that invites your loved ones to come together and share stories over a delicious meal. Its circular design creates a sense of unity and harmony that fosters a relaxed and intimate dining experience. This is why round tables are often associated with casual gatherings of family and friends. The absence of corners and edges means that seating restrictions are based solely on the number of chairs that can fit around the circumference of the table.

The round shape also makes it easier for guests to pass food and interact with one another since everyone is equidistant from the centre of the table. However, if you’re planning to entertain larger groups, you may need to consider other shapes as circular tables are typically designed for smaller groups.



Oval dining tables strike the perfect balance between the linear formality of rectangular tables and the intimate informality of round tables. Their elegant curves soften angular features and create a harmonious flow throughout a space, making them an adaptable choice for both formal and casual settings. Oval tables provide ample length to accommodate large families while their rounded corners offer the flexibility to add extra seats without worrying about sharp table edges. This also brings diners closer together, fostering easy conversation and a sense of closeness.


When selecting your dining table, it is crucial to consider the table itself as well as the space around it, allowing for comfortable movement around the table when the chairs are pulled out. Begin by measuring a minimum of 80 cm between the wall and the dining table as a general guideline.

It is also essential to recognise the space taken up by chairs when they are tucked in to ensure they don’t disrupt the room’s flow or create any tripping hazards. If space is at a premium, consider using benches or armless chairs with low, straight backs that can be conveniently stored neatly under the table.

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